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These burgers me hearties with juicy, tangy and slightly smoky tender chicken lathered in my Captain Kidd BBQ sauce and topped with creamy coleslaw stacked in between a toasted brioche bun are impossible to resist.

This is a perfectly simple recipe to make for Dad or the father figure in your life this Father’s Day. Let this dish be a testament to the power of simple, quality ingredients intertwined with love, made as a tribute to the irreplaceable role of a father. This easy recipe is done in one pan in ~30 minutes or less, and most of the cooking time is totally hands-off. Get the little ones involved and surprise Dad with a delicious meal made with care served up alongside his favourite icy cold beer.

Did you know? In the shadowy realms of the ocean's edge, the enigmatic Scottish pirate, William Kidd, unfurled his sails and embarked on a saga of piracy. With a swashbuckler's charm and the thrill of the unknown coursing through his veins, Kidd plundered and pillaged his way across the seven seas. His ship, a dark silhouette against the horizon, became the embodiment of both fear and fascination, leaving ports abuzz with tales of his audacious exploits and misdemeanours that danced between fact and folklore.

Yet, beneath the veneer of a ruthless pirate, Kidd was said to possess a code of honour that set him apart. Whispers of buried treasure and secret maps only added to his mystique. But as the tides of fate turned, Kidd's adventurous spirit led him down a treacherous path. Accused of crimes beyond his legendary pursuits, he faced a reckoning that would forever etch his name into the annals of maritime folklore. Leaving behind a legacy that continues to beckon to the bold-hearted and curious souls who yearn for the thrill of the open sea.

Chef Dylan tips: 1. I like using boneless, skinless, free-range chicken thighs in this pulled BBQ chicken recipe, since they’re more flavourful and stay really nice and juicy through roasting. You can swap them out with breasts if you prefer: just slice them in half (lengthwise) or pound the breasts out flat to ensure they cook up evenly. 2. Brown the chicken nicely for depth of flavour. 3. If the sauce becomes too thick just add a few tablespoons of water. 4. Don't like spicy? Simply swap out my Creole seasoning for my mild Argentinian Gaucho.

Hat Head NSW c. 1997

As I recline in the plastic chair, a sudden sting of sunburn jolts me upright. Around the spacious table at our holiday abode my four brothers and sister gather, ravenous after a morning of seaside exploration and swimming. It's 11:30 am, and the blazing sun only intensifies our hunger. Dad, his back a deep golden tan, stands before the barbecue, tongs in one hand, a cold tinny in the other. He takes a swig, the moment almost poetic, the condensation on the can glistening like rainbow coloured dew at dawn. The chicken on the grill sizzles and pops, an auditory prelude to the feast ahead. The air is thick with anticipation, the heady aroma of grilling mingling with the promise of joy. It's more than just food; it’s love on a plate.

As the thighs dance on the grill, Dad gazes off into the distance - his mind reminiscing like an echo of a lifetime of laughter and dreams, precious time with his children a testament to a father’s love. Beside him, young Kirk, the son with an irrepressible grin, adds a playful spark. “Hey, Dad, reckon these burgers will rival Uncle Trevor's fishing tales?” he jests, igniting laughter that ripples around the table like a chorus of waves. Burgers assembled, the table falls silent as we savour the first bite. "Speaking of fishing" Dad interjects, breaking the hush, "After lunch, we're headed to the creek to pump for yabbies at low tide. Whiting and flatties for tomorrow's dinner, kids.” Excitement bubbles as Mitchell cheers, "I'll nab the biggest one!” Not to be outdone, six-year-old Rosy declares, "No, I will!”

Later, by the creek's edge, the sun dips below the horizon. Stars twinkling like scattered gems above, footsteps approach and Uncle Trevor emerges. His surfer hair cascading, a cigarette dangling between his fingers, and a VB longneck in hand. He cups his mouth, "Heard the Gittoes gang are here! Figured the ‘Mayor’ of Hat Head should pay a visit." A grin stretches across his face. “Even heard someone's aiming to break my record for the biggest lizard caught?” Laughter erupts. "It's true" he insists, winking. "I glimpsed it come up; it was longer than me!" Arms now high above his head. Ryan raises an eyebrow, dubious. "I'll get a bigger one, Uncle!" Rosy exclaims, wrapping her tiny arms around his sturdy leg.

Uncle Trevor's tales continue and seamlessly meld into the symphony of the creek's gentle whispers and the chorus of crickets. The night embraces us, like a quilt woven from shared memories and familial bonds. Under the vast southern sky, we revel in the moment, a tableau of love and laughter of siblings with Dad and the ‘Mayor’ against the backdrop of Hat Head's coastal charm.

PREP TIME: 15mins

COOK TIME: 25mins



  • 1 kg boneless, skinless organic chicken thighs

  • 1-2 tbs CREOLE OR GAUCHO

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

  • 3 tbs oil to fry chicken

  • 1/2 bottle of CAPTAIN KIDD spiced rum BBQ sauce

  • 1/4 cup water

  • 6 Brioche burger buns

  • 2 cups coleslaw, homemade is best


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180°C.

  2. Mix the CREOLE with the oil in a large bowl, add in the chicken and coat evenly using your hands to really work the mixture into all the nooks and crannies of the chicken.

  3. Add the oil to a medium sized oven-safe frypan or casserole dish, and heat over medium heat. Once the oil is hot add the chicken to the pan.

  4. Cook ~2-3 minutes per side, until nicely browned. The chicken will not be fully cooked yet - this is normal and totally fine. Work in batches, if needed to avoid overcrowding the pan (which prevents browning).

  5. Meanwhile, as the chicken browns, add the Captain Kidd spiced rum BBQ sauce and water in a small bowl and mix together.

  6. Set aside.

  7. Once all the chicken is browned, remove the pan from the heat. Pour the BBQ sauce mixture over the browned chicken, turning to coat all the chicken in the sauce. Cover with a lid or alfoil.

  8. Transfer to the oven and roast for ~15-20 minutes, until fully cooked.

  9. Remove pan from the oven and place chicken on a plate. Set aside to cool slightly.

  10. Once cool enough to handle, carefully shred the chicken into pieces using 2 forks.

  11. Add chicken back into the pan and coat evenly with the sauce. Gently warm on the stove on a low heat.

  12. Toast the buns, add chicken on the bottom, an extra splash of BBQ sauce and top with coleslaw. Add the top of bun.


Serve up with a crisp cold one and devour!


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